Battle Of The Alamo, 32 Shot

Item# 0227


Battle of the Alamo is an ALAMO FIREWORKS EXCLUSIVE! A fan-shaped 32-shot maxi-loaded floral shell. Shoots up 8 shells simultaneously containing 4 shots apiece of maximum effects. 500 grams with multiple effects. Check out the video of this item on You Tube.


Battle Of The Alamo, 32 Shot

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By on 05-12-2011

Posted by: EDD333 on Jun 15, 2008
A most buy product!!!!
Posted by: TXbryan on Jul 04, 2010
Total of 32 shots, and fires four similar ones at a time. Good shell streamers and breaks. The youtube video doesn\‘t do it any justice
Posted by: michael on Jul 11, 2010
this is one of the best cakes there is to buy. the height and the noise are some of the best out there. defently a must buy.

By on 08-20-2012

although this firework caught on fire it was still awseome

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