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Orchestrating Your Own Pyrotechnics Show

March 10, 2017

The time of big booms and ear-busting bangs is upon us. Firework season is set to kick into high gear as our spring and summer holidays rapidly approach. While we all want to have the biggest and best fiery nighttime display for our friends and loved ones, it comes down to much more than just buying a few fireworks. Orchestrating your own pyrotechnics show is a task like any other that takes planning and careful thought.

Alamo Fireworks has curated the perfect set of tips that will help you prepare for the upcoming season and the shows you’ll plan that will dazzle your friends and family.

First and foremost, sketch out your show beforehand. Prudent planning is the key to success in any endeavor and firework shows are no different. Figure out where you’ll stage your show and a safe viewing area for your spectators, typically 50 feet away from the firing area.

Coupled with that, decide on the types of fireworks you’ll display. Naturally, it’s important to establish a budget for your festivities. They can be pricey and add up very quickly when you’re selecting from the stand’s many offerings.

When selecting fireworks, be sure to incorporate some variety. Dazzling booms are always attractive but they can be dull if they’re overused. Consider investing in some aerial cakes to offer your spectators eye-catching variety that will change up the show and give you time to set up your next spectacle.

In your planning remember to expect the unexpected. There’s nothing worse than a faulty punk delaying your show. So think ahead and invest in a small butane torch as a safety fallback in case your lighting mechanisms decide to quit on you.

Don’t forget about the most important thing–safety . Remember when we said to expect the unexpected? Well that goes for safety protocols as well. Sometimes accidents happen, and when they occur, prior planning makes all the difference. While it may seem like overkill, have a bucket of water for dousing fireworks and flames handy in case of an emergency. While you may never use it, you’ll be happy to have it in case you need it.

Unlike when we meet people, last impressions are the most important thing with a firework show. You’ve built up the show and anticipation with all your preparation, so leave your audience with something memorable. You could select a few different fireworks to shoot off in sequence, or ease the job and select a ready-made, fiery finale. With a finale like the Big Stuff, 25 Shot, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the final festivities together.

Planning makes all the difference, and with Alamo Fireworks orchestration tips, you’ll be on your way to creating memorable moments that everyone will cherish and talk about until your next nighttime show.