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Reasons We’re Thankful for Sparklers

November 27, 2017

Sparklers forming word cool

Don’t you love sparklers? It’s one of the most fun fireworks to play with, and it’s gained popular use at weddings, anniversary and birthday celebrations. What is it about sparklers that make it so mesmerizing? Today, we’re sharing the origin of sparklers and facts that give this firework its extra sparkle.

The Origin of Sparklers

It’s not certain, but the earliest record of something related to a sparkler was in 670 A.D. created by a man named Callinicos of Helcopolis. It was a handheld firework, similar to a roman candle, and called a “cheirosiphon.” Today, a sparkler is the firework we love to watch emit colorful flames from its metal stick.

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Sparklers Facts:

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