Nothing beats a fabulous fireworks display for a grand finale of any occasion. Whether it is celebrating the birth of our nation on Fourth of July or bringing in the New Year, fireworks are the ultimate way to make any event spectacular. Check out these 14 amazing photos of firework displays from all over the world to tide you over until your next live firework show.

1. You have to love the great use of colors and the incredible timing that was needed to create this first work of firework art. The entire sky is alive in color – what a wonderful example of a professionally staged show!

2. This is a great example of how using different levels of aerial fireworks can create a dramatic effect. The smaller ones below highlight the large cascading bloom on top.

3. Pinks, blues, reds and even greens are used in this sparkling finale. Notice the smaller bursts in between the more prominent ones, then the sparks falling down like rain. Beautiful!

4. This one almost has a Christmas feel to it with the red and green fireballs coming off the white center. Yet, it was another Fourth of July event right here in Texas in El Paso.

Fireworks light up the sky Wednesday at Biggs Park at Fort Bliss. The annual Pop Goes the Fort Fourth of July concert and fireworks entertained thousands. The El Paso Symphony Orchestra and the USO Liberty Bells performed for the crowd. See more photos at

5. Unlike many firework displays that overlap each burst, this amazing display has over a dozen bursts almost all in their own separate space. This took some talented preparation to bring into fruition!

6. What a great photo! Each stream looks like a piece of confetti, falling from the sky.

7. This is a great photo of how high those fantastic fountains can climb.

8. Wouldn’t you love to be down on that river to enjoy this spectacular display? Look at how the light reflects off the still water.

9. The city lights seem even brighter when lit up from above by this powerful show.

10. If you love the color pink, you will adore this pink firework fountain that is tinting everything around it in your favorite color!

11. The straight-line bursts shooting out with shorter, brighter explosions inside make these fireworks look like giant dandelions going to seed in the sky.

12. It is hard to complete with the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, but this display did a pretty great job!

13. Blue is one of the most difficult firework colors to make, yet this one is almost majestic with its bright blue burst with a shooting star below.

14. And, finally, one last look at some patriotic red, white and blue displays that will make you wish it was Fourth of July again!

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