Lighting up the sky with such a vibrant array of colors, there’s no question fireworks are beautiful. The problem is, these colorful bursts of art only last a few seconds before disappearing into the dark sky.

Not so long ago, capturing these images was left to the professional photographer with professional camera gear – leaving the masses with nothing but great memories of a fireworks display.

With today’s smartphone technology, however, anyone can take fantastic fireworks photos using a smartphone or tablet, making your memories suitable for sharing – and framing!

4 Firework Photography Tips Using Your Smartphone

1. Make Sure Your Flash Is Turned OFF

Considering you’re taking pictures in the dark, this may seem counterintuitive. But think about it. If you use the flash, you’ll be competing with bright “flash” of fireworks. For the best results, turn off your flash feature.

2. Ditch the HDR Setting

While the HDR feature seems like a great setting to rapidly capture several photos of fireworks, it actually hinders your photos. Why? Because fireworks move so fast, the HDR feature will end up morphing your photos into one. Nobody wants that.

3. Tell A Story Using The Fireworks Display As Your Backdrop

While fireworks are a gorgeous subject on their own, it’s always nice to use the fireworks as a backdrop for a bigger story. Whether it’s a group of kids eating ice cream and looking up at the sky in awe or a romantic couple under an array of falling colors, make your photo even more interesting by adding an emotional aspect.

4. Use Your Smartphone Camera Edit Feature

It’s never been simpler to edit photos right off your smartphone. To create the best fireworks photos, use it to crop, correct lighting and much, much more.

So the next time you’re watching a fireworks display, break out your smartphone or tablet! You’ll be amazed at what memories you can capture – and look like a pro doing it!

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