Our History of Fireworks

Alamo Fireworks has its roots in Sherman, TX in the 1920s when the first Cannon began selling fireworks door-to-door out of handbasket. The business continued off and on until Harvey Girdley and Mary Cannon were married during WWII. After adventures in the Pacific and in San Francisco, CA, they settled in Dallas to start a family. After realizing the cold winters of North Texas were not for them, they relocated to San Antonio, TX in the 1950s.

They sold wholesale fireworks and operated fireworks stands. Eventually, Alamo Fireworks, Inc. was officially incorporated as a Texas corporation in 1962. It is the oldest independent fireworks company in Texas.

Harvey Girdley served as the founding President of Alamo and was one of the founding members of the American Pyrotechnic Association, the leading advocacy and lobbying group for the American fireworks industry. During that time, Alamo was instrumental in fireworks reform including the banning of dangerous items such as M-80s and the banning of bottle rockets in Texas in the 1980s. Alamo has maintained that progressive attitude towards fireworks to this day as we continue to support tight controls of our products through appropriate government and industry self-regulation.

The company changed its focus from mainly a wholesale of fireworks to a retail during the 1970s and 1980s. From a few stands in the 1970s around San Antonio, Texas, the company initially expanded with its first out of town location on Old Brownsville Road, outside of Corpus Christi, Texas. This location is still in operation nearly 30 years later. In the late 1990s, Alamo consisted of a thriving wholesale business and over 200 stand locations.

In this decade, the company was the first to bring indoor fireworks Megastores to West and Central Texas. From two stores in Dallas in the first year, the company has constructed nearly 30 indoor Megastores across the State of Texas ranging as far south as Brownsville, east to Victoria, and up to the Texas Pandhandle in Amarillo and Lubbock. Alamo now has more indoor stores than any other vendor in Texas.

In 2008, Alamo celebrated the opening of two new stores outside of Texas with stores in Amargosa Valley, NV (serving Las Vegas, NV) and Lanett, AL (serving Atlanta, GA). In 2009, Alamo opened in Londonderry NH. In Spring 2010, Alamo will open its first indoor store in New Mexico.

Alamo Fireworks now sells fireworks in Texas, New Mexico, New Hampshire and Nevada with more states on the way. We operate over 200 retail locations including over 25 indoor Fireworks Megastores. Over 25 civic groups and non-profits work with us each season to profit from fireworks sales.