Domestic Wholesale Fireworks

We sell fireworks by full case lots (or "wholesale") to resellers and end-user customers. Our minimum initial order is $1,500.00.

Our regular Spring 2018 wholesale price list in PDF can be found here.

If you would like to place an order contact our office at 210-667-1106.

All prices subject to change at any time. Please contact us for availability on specific items. This list includes all items.  

Please note if you would like to pay for your order by credit card you would need to click the following link: credit card authorization form, fill out and fax back to 210-667-1551.

Q: How do I purchase wholesale fireworks by the case?
A: In Texas and Nevada we sell during any time of the year. If we're not open during the off-seasons, we can make special arrangements. In Texas, wholesale purchases are made only at our San Antonio HQ. Items specific for export to Mexico are sold at our seasonal Eagle Pass and year-round Laredo warehouses.

Q: Do you ship?
A: Yes, but only to states where they are legal. It is a violation of federal law to ship illegal fireworks into a state where they are prohibited. As fireworks are prohibited from US Mail, FedEx, and UPS, we ship via common carrier ("freight lines"). Once you have an order in mind, contact our offices.

Q: How many cases is $1,500?
A: Approximately 15-18.

Q: When can I buy wholesale?
A: In Texas and Nevada, we sell during any time of the year. If we're not open during the off-seasons, we can make special arrangements. In Texas, we do NOT accept new wholesale customers during the retail selling seasons (12/20-1/1 and 6/24-7/4).

Q: At which locations may I purchase at wholesale?
A: Our San Antonio headquarters and Nevada megastore only. Texas stands and stores DO NOT sell by the case.

Q: Do I need a special license to buy "wholesale" in states other than Texas?
A: No. Please note we do not sell at wholesale in New Hampshire. We do have special retail by the case prices there, however.

Q: How can I become a licensed reseller of fireworks in Texas?
A: You must provide us with two pieces of information:

We can then sell you a $30 fireworks retail permit (all revenue from this goes to the State). You are then able to purchase fireworks for resale outside of the legal selling seasons. You can print out our fireworks permit form here: Fireworks-Retail-Permit-Form-pdf.

Q: I want to become a licensed reseller in Texas. What’s my next step?
A: Buy wholesale online: Create an account with our website. Request that we approve you for a wholesale buying account OR download our order form. Once it's ready, email it to or fax it to us @ 210-667-1551. Any questions, call our offices at 210-667-1106

Q: Do you "hold" orders?

A: Only at our Nevada and San Antonio warehouses.  In Nevada, we will hold an order up to 7 days for regular customers with a purchasing/paying history.  We can hold orders for up to 4 weeks with a 25% non-refundable deposit. At our Laredo, San Antonio and Eagle Pass warehouses, we will work with customers on a per-case basis.  Give us a call to discuss.