Alamo Fireworks Leasing Information

Leasing information for Landlords

Leasing a portion of your property to us for fireworks sales is a hassle-free way to make money off of your property!

How It Works

Alamo pays you money to lease your property. We place a fireworks stand or permanent Alamo Fireworks Megastore building on it and pay for any and all improvements we require. Ongoing, Alamo provides care and maintenance of the portion of the property we’re using, security during the selling seasons and we ensure that the area has a pleasant appearance. The location is used twice yearly for about two weeks at a time as permitted by State Laws and is not actively used during the rest of the year.

The stand placed on your property is typically 8 feet wide by 40 feet long. We typically need a minimum area of 100 feet by 100 feet square for adequate parking and sales areas. In the case of a Fireworks Megastore, we need a much larger area and the buildings are often 5000 square feet or larger. Each situation differs, so your Alamo representative will have more details on how and where we’ll be placing our stand at your location.

Why Lease Your Property To Alamo?

You are Making Hassle-Free Income

Other than cashing your rent checks, no work is expected of our landlords. To make sure your property is treated properly, the groups running our stands are closely screened and monitored by our company during all aspects of fireworks sales. Many property owners use a fireworks stand as a way to either make extra income or offset property taxes on an otherwise vacant piece of land.

You are Protected

Firework shooting is not permitted at or near our stands. We also provide a $1 million liability insurance policy that lists each of our landowners as insured. And finally, we choose only the highest quality church groups, clubs and individuals to run our locations.

You're Helping

Your Community Lions Clubs, Churches, sports clubs, Volunteer Fire Departments and students use Alamo Fireworks sales as a fundraising opportunity. In addition, 2% of all of our sales on your property goes directly to volunteer fire departments across Texas. By leasing to Alamo, you help your community as well.

We Make Improvements to Your Property

We invest significant money in most properties to install driveways, fencing, parking areas and electrical service. Many of these improvements are yours to keep at the conclusion of the lease term.

Do you have a property to lease to Alamo?
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