Make Money with Alamo Fireworks

Managing a Fireworks Stand is a Perfect Way for You to Make Money! 

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How It Works

You operate the fireworks stand and sell the fireworks on consignment. You take a significant percentage of the money from the fireworks sold and return the unsold merchandise back to our company for full credit.

How Much Money Can You Earn

The average first-time stand operator makes $2,000-$5,000 or more, but this can be much more depending upon the location and management of the stand. Experienced operators who graduate to larger stands can earn much more!

What Alamo Provides

Alamo provides a complete turnkey operation including:

What You Provide

Alamo vs. Competition

Many factors make Alamo the best choice to run a fireworks stand versus the competition:

  Alamo Fireworks Competitors
Full Commission for First-Time Operators Yes, Alamo offers 20% commission to every stand operator.                          No
Best Locations Only puts out high-volume stands.             Puts too many stands out, so operators compete against other stands from the competitor.  
High-Quality Facilities Yes No, many competitor stands are falling apart.
Lowest Prices for Customer Yes, meaning Alamo gets most traffic and more $ for your group.            No.
High-Quality Newspaper     Advertising                                           Yes, Alamo invests more on advertising than others.               No.

Still more questions or want more detail?

- View our complete Stand Manager's Guide in PDF by clicking here.
- View our handout showing How to Stock a Fireworks Stand Page 1 (1.4mb) and How to Stock a Fireworks Stand Page 2 (1.6mb)