1) I’ve been asked a few times when we’re getting more cakes in and what:
a) We have merchandise showing up there in mid-to-late August. X-CELs, Big Boy, Battle of the Alamo, Rip Rap and a few other of the cakes that people have liked.
b) Starting in August/Sept, I expect arrival of about 40-50 new 200g-350g-500g cakes (some new, some new to us). I can post what we have on order if there’s interest. Shogun and Brothers and Alamo branded items to start with. Notable is an Up-rageous clone that we’re calling “Battle Kittens.”
c) We plan to bring on Dominator and possibly Golden Bear. If anyone has any GB requests, hit me up.

2) What about Excal-type reloadables, etc?
a) I’m working on bringing one on.  I promise it’ll be good. (If not, I’ll work until I get a good one )
b) We’ve received already the Shogun commercial grade shells. Those’ll be up there in August.
c) We’re doing a Zillionaire clone called the “e-bomb”. Have a ton on order.

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