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In most months, weather is rarely a concern when planning a firework show in San Antonio. But April can bring rain, which could put a damper on your big event. While rain is probably not what you envisioned for your big show, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to cancel your firework show. If the weatherman is predicting rain for the day of your big display, here are a few factors to consider before going through with your show.

Lighting Fireworks in the Rain

In most cases, rain will not stop your fireworks from firing. As long as the fuse stays dry, once it is lit, the firework should go off the same when it is raining as in dry weather. However, keeping the fuses dry can be an issue. If you are planning a big show, you may need to add some protection to keep your fuses dry. A plastic bag or wrap covering each fuse set up for your show can keep them dry until you are ready to begin, yet be quick enough to remove to stay on your schedule.

Also, keep in mind to have extra lighters or torches if you will be lighting fireworks in the rain. Lighters or even torches can be temperamental in the wet weather, so have extras under cover in case your first few begin to falter.

Safety Concerns

Wet weather can reduce the chance of starting a fire, but there are other safety issues to consider. If the rain is too heavy, it can be hard to see. You should never be igniting fireworks without good visibility. Also, if the wet weather fogs your goggles so that you must remove them, it is no longer safe to light fireworks.

Another concern is the wind. While you can still light and enjoy a firework show in the rain, if it will be windy, you may need to consider delaying or canceling your show. If the wind is blowing toward where your spectators will be, it could be dangerous to light fireworks.

Cancel or Will the Show Go On?

If the weather forecast is calling for a light April shower, most likely you don’t need to cancel your firework show. However, if it is calling for heavy rains and high winds, it could be trouble. You must consider the safety of your spectators as well as those lighting the fireworks. Plus, if it is an outdoor event, many people may not want to be outside in the rain, or be able to see the display through the rain. It is a judgment call, but scattered showers shouldn’t stop the show, while a torrential downpour might be a good reason to postpone your show for another day.

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