Since the seventh century when modern fireworks were invented in China, people have been continuously falling in love with these celebratory attractions. All different cultures all over the world continue to use fireworks for the most significant events in their life. Many cultures use fireworks to celebrate a holiday, or culturally use them as a traditional event. There are some places that allow the use of fireworks year round and hold major festivities that use thousands of fireworks, while other places only utilize fireworks at designated times and in designated areas for significant events. For example:

Religion: Many different cultures use fireworks as a way to honor their Gods or in celebration of their religions. They use fireworks to celebrate their God and only have certain times a year when they use fireworks, often specific sacred times. In places like Maltese, they set off fireworks to celebrate the election and birthdays of their pope, but don’t use fireworks for only religious reasons; they also use fireworks to celebrate large events that take place there. North Korea uses fireworks more strictly for religious purposes. One main event where they partake in the use of fireworks is in celebration of Buddha’s birthday. China, being the origin of fireworks, frequently uses fireworks because they are a big part of their culture and religion. It is thought that primitive fireworks by the Chinese were used to help scare away demons, dating back as far as 500 B.C.

Attractions: Many places around the world use fireworks for all kinds of random events, like the Disney parks scattered throughout the world that light off fireworks at the end of every night above their parks. People use them recreationally and also hold annual firework festivals, such as one that occurs in Japan every summer. Japan holds over 200 firework festivals in the month of August alone, which attract more than 800,000 spectators. The famed Cannes in France is known for its film festival, but it also holds one of the largest pyrotechnic festivals and international competitions each year, the Cannes Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique, with over 200,000 spectators.

Holidays: All around the world fireworks are set off into the dark night’s sky in celebration of other cultures diverse holiday festivities. In the U.S. there’s the annual celebration on July 4th, the biggest firework day of the year. The Netherlands, like most countries, use fireworks to celebrate the coming of a New Year. The setting off of fireworks is only allowed 3 days of the year and if one of those days falls on a Sunday, they move the celebrations back a day. Swiss National Day on August 1st is when the  Swiss hold their big firework event.

At Alamo Fireworks, we are proud to be a part of many family gatherings, weddings, birthdays, Fourth of July, and New Year celebrations right here in the U.S. We hope you will keep us in mind the next time you want to add some sparkle and pizazz to your next event.


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