Needing a little inspiration for your next fireworks display? Consider creating a display that uses aerial fireworks and fountain fireworks. When combined, these two types of retail fireworks transform the boring night into a festive celebration.

What Are Fountain Fireworks?

Fountain fireworks are a type of retail fireworks that don’t get launched into the air, they stay firmly put on the ground and spray a projection of sparks around the area, generally up to 10 feet into the air.

Fountains earned their name because of their startling similarity to a water fountain, where water sprays up and down in streams. Due to this, many people think of them as water fireworks. They pair great with other retail fireworks for a show of light that takes up the ground and sky. Basically, they’re a good way to mimic the look of this excellent water fountain and fireworks show, but without the water fountains.

Use Fountains to Start the Show

What’s a better way to grab your audience’s attention than with fireworks right in front of them? Using fountain fireworks to start your aerial show draws the viewer in and blows away their expectations. For example, check out this excellent fountain firework show, featuring spinning lights, cascading sparks, and plenty of pops and bangs.

Now just imagine a huge aerial firework exploding overhead after the last light on the ground fades to black. It can’t get much better. Just always be sure to follow proper firework safety, keeping spectators far enough back from the fountains.

Use Fountains to End the Show

Generally, the finale to a fireworks show is all bang. Most people launch off all their remaining retail fireworks for a brilliant display that overtakes the sky and sets your heart pounding in your chest,but what if you took a different approach and lit up the street instead of the sky?

Many different fountain displays start small, then explode into a torrent of sparks, such as the finale to this street fireworks show. Simply light the fountain while you’re still shooting off aerial fireworks to give it time to build up, and then let the sparks take control after you’ve launched your last aerial rocket.

Use Fountains to Make the Ground Glow

Want to create an eerie or chilling atmosphere that makes your aerial fireworks stand out that much more? Consider using fountain fireworks to make the ground glow, such as in this fireworks display in Montreal. Timed with sultry music, the glowing red fountain fireworks makes it feel like the ground is coming alive.

Since the fireworks are being set off in front of water, the reflection below enhances the effect even further.

There are plenty of amazing fireworks and fountain displays out there. Use your creativity to come up with a show that will impress your audience (while keeping firework safety in mind). When you’re ready to stock up on supplies, use our firework coupons to buy everything you need.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to order everything you need for a spectacular show featuring fountain water fireworks.

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