Ever wonder what our most popular retail fireworks are? Our customers definitely have their favorites when it comes to our huge selection of products. Here’s a list of our most frequently purchased fireworks and why you should consider adding them to your collection.


Looking for some of the best fireworks on the market? Try our Piquins, which are an Alamo Fireworks exclusive. They’re a fan favorite because of their unique behavior. Once you light them, they spin around on the ground and then shoot up into the air in a shower of sparks. Let the buzz thrill and excite you with this six-pack of fireworks.

Voodoo Balls

For more aerial excitement, choose our exclusive Voodoo Balls. Each package comes with 12 different shells that each have their own unique color pattern and breaks. Marvel at red trail red chrysanthemums with green tiger tails, jumbo gold chrysanthemums, and many more.

Full Contact

Sometimes, you just need a firework that flies high and bursts into a beautiful shower of sparks. That’s where the Full Contact set comes in. This seven-pack of fireworks offers wide-bursting breaks that will illuminate the night above you. These are a great choice for the climax in your homemade fireworks show.

The Sword

This firework is worth a purchase for its package alone, which comes in the shape of an epic broadsword. While it’s technically just a large roman candle, The Sword is the perfect prop for a legendary battle of the night. Just be sure to hold The Sword away from your body and don’t point it at others, as sparks shoot far and wide from the tip.

Beast Mode

For another medley of aerial fun, try the Beast Mode fireworks set. As retail fireworks go, you can’t beat this assortment of display-worthy rockets. It comes with six different shells for a multi-theme effect, including a brocade crown with blue, red wave with silver strobe, purple peony with green strobe, chrysanthemum to red and green, silver tri-crackling flower, and a silver palm with green strobe.

Rowdy Crackers

Sometimes, you just want to make a bang. The Rowdy Crackers firecracker set is the solution to this problem. This 100-firecracker box even comes with waterproof fuses so you can light them in less-than ideal weather. Set a few of these on fire on a warm summer night and savor the feeling of being alive.

Jumping Jacks

If you don’t have the space for an aerial display, Jumping Jacks are your next best alternative. As soon as you light these ground fireworks they spin, buzz, jump, and squeal around. It will be hard to keep your eyes on all the action these little balls of fire produce.

You can probably see why these are our top-selling fireworks, as they are all as amazing as they sound. Want to get in on the fun? Place your order online today, or stop by one of our various locations throughout Texas. For more help choosing the fireworks that are right for you, simply contact us.

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