Fiesta Tray Assortment

Item# 3461


There's no Fiesta without this one! Includes Mortars - Bright Fountains - Snappers - Cones - Crackers & Helicopters. A huge Fiesta success.  Another Alamo Fireworks exclusive!


1pc Army Tank With Report, 1pc Flash Master, 1pc #3 Cone Fountain, 1pc #4 Cone Fountain, 1pc Morning Glory, 1pc Snappers, 1Box (S) Sun Flower, 1pc (L) Star Ball Contribution, 1box New Small Bees With Wings, 1pk Palm Tree/Snow Flake Fountain, 1pc (L) Friendship Fountain, 1pc Wild Fire, 1pc Assorted 9" Fountain, 1pk (S) Camellia Flower, 1pk Color Crackling Ball, 1pk Jumping Jacks, 1pc Jumbo Smoke Cartridge, 1pc Smoke Grenade, 1pc Yellow Bees, 1pc (L) Twitter Glitter, 1pc Boom Boy Pistol Poppers, 1pc Friendship Pagoda.


Fiesta Tray Assortment

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By on 12-24-2011

I love this one it’s good for the whole family

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