Everyone loves to see a spectacular firework display and it is even more fun to have your own fireworks during special occasions. However, fireworks are not legal to buy or use by residents in some areas of the country. At Alamo Fireworks, we respect the local and state laws that prohibit fireworks and only sell our quality products in areas that it is legal to do so. Here is more information on where you can enjoy our products—legally!

Different States, Different Laws

Each state has different laws regarding fireworks. In some states, most fireworks that are sold commercially for public use can be bought and used legally. Others may only allow certain types of fireworks to be sold or used during certain times of the year. The most common restriction is allowing the sale and use of fireworks only during the weeks surrounding the Fourth of July holiday.

At Alamo Fireworks, we have the majority of our retail stores in Texas. We also have stores in Alabama, Nevada and New Hampshire. However, we do ship our products through online ordering to most states in the country. The only states we are not allowed to ship to are:  Alaska, California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon and Vermont.

What Fireworks are Legal for Your Area?

It is important to note that even if fireworks can be shipped to your state, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are legal in your town or that all our products are legal where you live. We have made an effort to help our online customers stay within the legal parameters by limiting the selection they can order from based on the state in which they live. When ordering on our website, select the state where you live to begin shopping. Only items that are legal to buy in your state will be available for shipping to your home state. This feature makes it easier for you to order the fantastic fireworks you want while still adhering to the laws of your state.

To find out what the laws are regarding fireworks in your state and town, contact your local fire officials. It is very common for fireworks to be legal in most areas of a state, yet a few towns or districts may have ordinances restricting fireworks completely or only allowing them on certain dates. It is important to always follow the laws regarding the purchase and use of fireworks in your area, as well as using the proper safety precautions.

Are you looking for one of our convenient retail Alamo Firework outlets? Check out our interactive map on our website to find a location near you. Just click on the Locations tab at the top of our screen and our locations map will highlight our stores. Click on a location for the address, phone number and driving directions, or type in your location in the left-hand search bar to bring up the nearest Alamo Firework store.


We have three shooter’s sites where you can go and legally+safely shoot fireworks.


  • Open dusk to midnight on 3rd and 4th
  • Waivers and entry fee required (varies by location).
  • No “facilities” on site, but parking is available.  No alcohol, no food prep (I.e. grilling) no unaccompanied children.
  • It’s a secure and legal Space to shoot fireworks under supervision by firefighting staff.

In North Texas:

[SW DALLAS/FT WORTH] Venus, Hwy 67:

[NORTH FT-WORTH] Sanger 35W:

The above are open 8:30-midnight on 3rd and 4th. They are $15 per carload of people to park and shoot.

In San Antonio:


Fee is $5 on 3rd and before, $7 on 4th per person.

In El Paso:

El Paso Dyer / NM State Line:

Fee is $5 on 3rd and before, $7 on 4th

In Nevada:

Amargosa Valley, NV: 

Open year-round.


Alamo Fireworks collects people’s email addresses. We will not sell or distribute your contact information to any third party. We will simply mail you awesome fireworks coupons.


Alamo Fireworks, Inc.


At every indoor store this season, you’ll find donation stations for SA Reads which is a project of Literacy San Antonio.

As literacy is a huge problem for our country and a key to future economic success, we are proud to be a supporter of this great cause.  We’ve had the honor of helping them distribute books to needy families and students and are excited to help do more!

Please see the graphic below for more information or visit SA Reads:


We’ve picked our two winners for the photo contest!  Each one gets a $200 gift certificate!

This photo is from Carlos A.  His son is clearly stoked for fireworks!

Our second winner is anonymous but wins for the most neatly organized fireworks stash shot!  Good job!


Hi Fireworks Friends!

Our Fall 2012 fireworks demo is to be held in San Antonio, Texas on December 1st, 2012 at 5:30pm. We hope you can all attend.


* Free Food
* Over 100 items to be shot, including dozens of new ones as well as your own favorites
* Music and giveaways
* This is your chance to see our new items before they go on sale in Texas and elsewhere for this Fall. Remember, Texas fireworks sales start on 12/20/12 and go through New Year’s Day!

The location is our new Headquarters in China Grove, TX at 7760 Rigsby/US Hwy 87 East, San Antonio, TX 78263. Any questions, call our offices at 210-667-1106.

[If you’re in California or Nevada, we’ll have a demo in April as we always do at our store in Nevada!]

Alamo Fireworks, Inc.