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Are you planning on taking a trip soon? If so, you might have one burning question on your mind – can you fly with fireworks? Maybe you snagged a few great deals from our catalog and want to take them to your cousin across the country. Or maybe you want to make your beach vacation a little bit brighter with some celebratory pyrotechnics. Either way, here’s what you need to know about firework laws and planes.

You Can’t Fly with Fireworks

Sorry to break it to you, but federal law prevents you from flying with fireworks. It doesn’t matter what state you live in – as long as you’re on a plane in the United States, you can’t bring fireworks onto it.

This includes both checked baggage and carry-on baggage. Even small fireworks, like sparklers, are also prohibited. But why?

Firework Safety on Planes

The main reason the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) cites for not allowing fireworks on planes is perfectly valid. They pose a major safety threat.

Even if your fireworks are packaged safely and securely, they are still extremely flammable. Fireworks are made to explode, so imagine if one started to spark on the plane mid-flight. Following firework safety procedures is essential for helping planes arrive in one piece.

What Happens if You Try to Sneak Fireworks on the Plane?

First of all – don’t. This is just asking for trouble, and you’re putting your safety and the safety of everyone else at risk.

But if you were to accidentally pack fireworks and not realize, the procedure might go something like this. A TSA agent will likely detect the presence of fireworks in your bag and perform a bag check to confirm their suspicions. If you’re lucky, they’ll simply confiscate the fireworks, check for any other forms of explosives, re-scan your bag, and let you on your way. While everyone behind you in line will hate you and you’ll lose several minutes of your time, this scenario isn’t so bad.

However, if you were to sneak the fireworks onto the plane and then get caught, you’ll be in much more trouble. This is a violation of the Hazardous Materials Regulations, which prevent you from taking flammable materials on a plane. The penalty for such a violation can be up to $75,000 per occurrence.

Things are even worse if your fireworks cause an accident. If anyone dies, gets severely injured, or property is destroyed because your fireworks explode in flight, you can be charged up to $175,000 per violation. Even worse, if you get a criminal conviction, you could face up to 10 years in jail.

How to Safely Transport Fireworks

Ok, so you definitely can’t fly with fireworks. How do you get them from place to place?

  • Invest in a spark-proof container to prevent any fire from breaking out
  • If driving, put the fireworks in your trunk, not the backseat
  • Keep fireworks out of sunlight

Of course, the easiest way to transport fireworks is to buy them from us. We offer free shipping across the country, meaning you won’t have to worry about firework laws regarding transportation at all.

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