Summer is right around the corner, and we all want the opportunity to make extra money for that special trip. While you could get an additional job, there’s another option that you likely haven’t considered—running your own fireworks stand!

It may seem daunting, and you’re probably filled with questions. Where do I get the fireworks? How should I advertise? With Alamo Fireworks, we handle the details so you’re free to focus on running your stand.

Where Do I Start with My Fireworks Stand?

At Alamo Fireworks we offer turnkey operations set-ups so you have less to worry about and more time to dedicate toward your stand’s success. After completing your operator application, we will provide you with a prime location, all the required licensing, electricity, high-quality advertising, competitively priced fireworks on consignment, sales tools and aids, and all the equipment you’ll need to establish your stand.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t want you to compete against other Alamo Fireworks operators. Our location selection focuses on placing you in a high-volume area where you’ll be able to offer the lowest priced high-quality fireworks. This mean you’ll get more traffic and the opportunity to make more money! We make sure your facility is in superb shape, unlike some competitors’ stands. With an attractive stand, prime real estate and the lowest prices around, you’ll be on the path to success before you’ve even officially opened.

What are the Next Steps?

Once your stand is set up, you’ll have to start focusing on your sales efforts. Luckily, we provide ready-made handouts regarding how you should stock for your fireworks stand for optimal success.

Alongside this, you’ll benefit from our high-quality advertising in a number of newspapers and online. You’ll only be responsible for your sign placement and erection. You’re almost ready to start selling! One last aspect that you’ll need to prepare for is the need for security. Alamo Fireworks stands require 24-hour security. So you’ll need to have one or multiple adults ages 18 or older on-hand at all times, and naturally, you’ll want to explore the options for buying, renting, or borrowing a camper, tent or RV to stay in during your firework stand’s operation.

Since this is your stand, you’ll want to keep your appearance professional. So you’ll need to remove litter from your location daily and find courteous sales clerks that will make shopping an enjoyable experience.

Let’s Talk about the Money

Surely you’re wondering how to turn a profit with your fireworks stand. We make it easy to operate and earn a healthy sum of money. All the fireworks provided to you are on consignment. We offer 20 percent commission to all operators, unlike competitors, and any product you don’t sell can be returned to us for full credit. That’s right, you have the chance to make money with minimal liability and complete support from Alamo Fireworks.

We find that most first-time firework stand operators generally make between $2,000-$5,000, and on some occasions much more! This all varies between the traffic your location receives and the professional management you provide your stand. Our experienced operators usually earn more and are graduated to larger stands, meaning more profit!

Start looking at RVs or campers, muster up your true work ethic, fill out the application and partner with Alamo Fireworks this summer to operate your own stand!

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