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For years, fireworks were the only way to light up the sky. The brilliant reds, yellows, greens, and blues of these exploding rockets have entertained people for nearly two millennia. Now, however, there is new technology taking to the skies in the form of drones. In particular, swarm drones can create fantastic displays synchronized to music. With both drones and retail fireworks in your arsenal, you can create a show that viewers will never forget.

Capture Photos Like Never Before

In the past, taking a photo of fireworks with your smartphone was one of the best ways to capture the amazing sights, other than investing in a DSLR. Now, however, drones are here to take the place of your outdated phone camera.

Drone footage of fireworks display can capture a completely new angle. The camera will watch from the sky as rockets explode on all sides, gently illuminating the happy faces and tall buildings below.

Often, filmmakers are sending their drones up into the sky to capture footage of Fourth of July celebrations. In fact, one such video on YouTube currently has over 16,000,000 views and counting. The incredible footage shows spark trails heading right at the camera, sometimes literally getting inside the explosion just as it erupts.

What Else Can Drones Do?

Drones are good for more than just capturing footage. Many companies are starting to use them in actual displays as well. Swarm drones let pilots control dozens or hundreds of drones at the same time, eliminating the need for heavy manpower during these shows.

One example of this is the Shooting Star drone by Intel, which flies information automatically. In fact, Intel just flew some at Disney World and Coachella to show off their prowess.

So far, Intel, Project Wing, Disney, and Qualcomm are some of the only companies to utilize this technology. However, as science keeps advancing, there’s no doubt that many other companies will follow suit.

Be Sure to Follow All Laws in Your Area

While combining drones and fireworks is technically legal, the government does frown upon it. The Federal Aviation Administration has not banned flying drones through fireworks shows, but they tweeted out a warning against it.

However, there are several other federal laws you’ll need to keep in mind if you plan on capturing drone footage of fireworks display. For one, you’re not allowed to fly over crowds of people, which can be tricky if the fireworks are being shot above an audience. You also always need to have your drone within sight, so you can’t send it up into the clouds. Finally, if you’re filming for commercial use, you’ll need to get special permission to do so when the sun sets.

Check the local laws in your area, as many states and municipalities set their own rules.

Capture Your Next Fireworks Show Like Never Before

Even if you don’t have a drone to capture your next show, make sure you have the retail fireworks you need to impress. Browse our catalog and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on which fireworks will work best.

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