Q: Can I buy fireworks outside of the normal selling seasons (June 24th-July 4th, December 20th-January 1st & Cinco de Mayo)?

A: We can only sell fireworks to the public during the above selling seasons.  We can only sell fireworks to licensed resellers during any time of the year.

Q: How can I become a licensed reseller of fireworks in Texas?

A: You must provide us with two pieces of information:

  • A Sales Tax ID number (or we must charge you sales tax)
  • A Location where you will sell your fireworks.  We do not verify this location is legal for the sale of fireworks as that is your responsibility.

We can then sell your a $32 permit (all revenue from this goes to the State).  You are then able to purchase fireworks for resale outside of the legal selling seasons.

Q: I want to become a licensed reseller.  What’s my next step?

A: Call our offices at 210-667-1106 and ask for a wholesale price list.  We have minimums and discounts for different types of purchases.

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