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Chinese New Year begins Saturday, January 28 – are you ready to celebrate? Do you have your firecrackers and fireworks? And more important, do you know the origins behind Chinese New Year and fireworks?

Chinese New Year wasn’t always about parties and celebrations and feasts, nor was it created to commemorate a happy occasion. It was created out of fear. You see, according to a centuries-old Chinese legend, there was a terrifying, lion-like monster that loved to eat innocent and unsuspecting villagers. This mythical monster was called Nian, meaning “year” in Chinese.

He terrorized and terrorized the village until one day, a very wise, old man ordered the villagers to make loud noises using firecrackers and drums, as well as to hang red paper cutouts and banners on their doors, because according to this wise man, the horrible and terrible Nian became skittish around the color red. The villagers, desperate and willing to try anything to get rid of the monster, took the old man’s advice, and just like that, Nian was conquered.

From there on, the Chinese recognized Nian’s defeat as the “passing of the Nian,” or, the New Year. And that’s why, to this day, the Chinese light fireworks for Chinese New Year.

This Chinese New Year, don’t leave the party behind – clean up after your celebration. While fireworks are fun, they also contain gun powder and metallic compounds that can be harmful to humans, pets, and, of course, the environment.

After fireworks are used, let them cool for a bit before cleaning up. Use a broom to sweep the firework wrappers, packaging and other debris into a large pile, and don’t forget to check the street and surrounding yards to make sure you’re leaving nothing behind.

At the end of your fireworks show, take a hose or a bucket of water and drench the pile to ensure all have been extinguished.

Dispose of your used (and now wet) fireworks in your trashcan – don’t leave the debris out to scatter or end up in a street drain as this could cause water contamination. Before calling it a night, make sure your trashcan is outside and away from your house.

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