An explosion of blue fireworks

Fireworks use almost every color in the spectrum to create stunning visuals for your special events. Bright yellows, reactive reds, popping purples and many other colors are incorporated to make spectacular effects. However, one color is the most difficult to make – blue. While many fireworks contain blue elements, it takes expert chemistry to make this elusive firework color.

Why Are Blue Fireworks Hard to Make?

Creating the beautiful blossoms you see in the air during a firework show in a rainbow of colors has taken centuries to perfect. Reds, greens, oranges and white are all fairly simple to create. Not only are they easier, the use of metal fuels has made these colors even brighter and more brilliant. The high temperatures that these fuels can create produce fantastic colors, but they do not work for the elusive blue.

When it comes to fireworks, blue is different. To get a true, bright blue, it requires a special emitter to create the color and light. A copper gas is used to create blue, but it is very fragile and requires the right combination of heat and compounding. The temperature must be just right or it will not appear blue – too hot and it will fade, too cool and it will not achieve the right results. This is difficult to achieve as a firework shoots into the air, especially when you are trying to mass-produce the result for consistency.

When you see a bright blue firework, you know it is made with high quality ingredients and expertly designed. All the right elements have been put in place to ensure that when it ignites, the right flame temperature will be achieved to create the blue light that is so hard to make. You may see pale blue or purples, but a bright blue is something special. The pyrotechnics involved is sophisticated and very precise, making it the best of the best when it comes to creating a fantastic firework show.

Want to Add Blue to Your Next Firework Show?

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