One of the reasons we all love fireworks is the shocking bang and booms these festive items make. The scream of bottle rockets and missiles are a great way to celebrate any event. However, these loud sounds can be too much when they go off too close to the ear. At Alamo Fireworks, we want all our patrons to enjoy our products safely, so here are a few tips on how to protect you and your family’s ears when using fireworks.

Understanding Noise Danger

Loud noise can damage your ears and hearing, so it is important to protect yourself and your loved ones when you are around fireworks or other loud noises. Any sound that reaches a point of 85 decibels or higher has the possibility of damaging your ears if done at close range. Children are especially vulnerable to loud noises and hearing loss, so it is very important to use some precautions when you plan to use fireworks. Here are a few tips to protect your ears:

  1. Keep kids at a safe distance. Fireworks should always be handled by adults and when it comes to watching the show, kids should be kept a safe distance away. Create a safe, flat area with no combustible materials nearby to light off fireworks with children and other spectators safely away from the direct noise.
  2. Use ear plugs. When it is time to start your firework show at your next party, make sure you have ear plugs available for all your guests. Disposable, silicone ear plugs are inexpensive and are wonderful at muffling the sharp noises of fireworks. It is especially important that those setting off the fireworks wear ear protection since they will be closer to the noise than others.
  3. Run away. For those setting off ground fireworks like fountains or fireworks, light the fuse and run away. The more distance that you can get between the noise and yourself, the better. Never light firecrackers or other loud fireworks near you or anyone else. Always have a safe path to run away from where the fireworks will ignite.
  4. Insulate your pets. Dogs and cats have very sensitive ears which is one of the reasons that fireworks can be frightening for them. If you have pets, put them in a quiet room inside your home that is well insulated to help protect their delicate ears from the loud noise. This can also help calm them and make them feel secure during your firework show and avoid them running away from the sound.

Fireworks are a wonderful addition to any celebration as long as you follow some simple safety rules to protect your family. At Alamo Fireworks, we have a fantastic selection of all your favorite festive items, from novelties like snakes and sparklers to large explosive entertainment like aerial cakes and missiles. For your next big event, shop our catalog online or visit one of our stores – and don’t forget to buy ear plugs to protect your ears!

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