Proposed Plan Enhances Last Summer’s Successful Restrictions

This morning 12/4/2008, Alamo Fireworks Inc. and other vendors presented an enhanced fireworks safety plan to Bexar County fire officials.

The plan presented today includes the following:

  • Fireworks use would be restricted to 13 designated Shooter’s Sites throughout the area
  • Shooter’s Sites will be provided at the expense of the fireworks vendors
  • Shooter’s Sites will be supervised by local fire departments
  • Multiple “flying” fireworks would be removed from shelves-reducing the risk of “landing fires”
  • If a red flag warning is issued by the National Fire Service, then all “aerial” fireworks would be pulled from shelves.

This voluntary plan exceeds the restrictions put in place this past summer by removing more items from store shelves. While last summer’s restrictions in Bexar County were very successful, these enhanced measures will promote further safety in light of the weather conditions. In fact, in Bexar County, only 4 fires were reported on July 4, 2008, none of which were directly attributed to fireworks. In addition, the 25 fire officials on duty only issued 90 citations. That’s for a county with a population of more than 1.5 million people!

“We understand it’s dry so everyone’s responsibility is to make sure that when people celebrate it’s done in a safe and supervised manner,” says President of Alamo Fireworks, Michael Girdley. “We are just asking for a chance to do what has already proven successful with regards to fireworks safety during high drought conditions. An all-out sales ban increases the likelihood that revelers will discharge firearms, make their own explosives or import dangerous unregulated fireworks.”

We are trying to provide solutions because people will still get fireworks somewhere, or worse seek an alternative to fireworks such as the much documented random gun fire that lands where ever the wind takes it. We understand the conditions South Texas is facing as well as anyone and that is why we are committed to providing a safe alternative.

Fireworks sales can start on December 20th by state law and run through midnight January 1st.

Alamo Fireworks Inc., is a family owned and run business based in San Antonio, Texas. Alamo works with dozens of civic and non-profit groups each season, raising funds for their particular cause. / ph 210-667-1106


A PDF of the fireworks proposal to Bexar can be found here: bexar-county-fireworks-proposal

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