Bexar County, Texas – Fireworks Vendors around San Antonio are opening today and are preparing for a busy season.  Thanks to the July 4th holiday being on a Saturday and the recent heavy rains, retail shoppers are expected to stock up.  No fireworks bans are in place, so vendors anticipate selling their full line-up of products.

“We’re very dependent on rain,” says Luke Girdley, President of Alamo Fireworks. “People like to shoot fireworks when they feel safe. Rain makes it tougher to start fires, so they feel safer.”

Many people have had their summer plans rained out, so celebrating the 4th of July  on a Saturday presents a unique opportunity for Independence Day revelers.

“I think a lot of our customers will be taking July 3rd, or maybe even July 2nd, as a day off, so I think we’ll be busier on those days.” says Karen Jurney, Manager of the Alamo Fireworks stand on Hwy 87 east, just outside China Grove. “This gives people a big weekend with a lot of time to celebrate and shoot fireworks.”

Even though it’s been raining, everybody needs to be reminded to follow the rules and be safe. Always buy from licensed retail outlets. Always have an adult present. Never light near flammable material. Do not shoot fireworks at other people. Always follow the directions on the fireworks packaging.

While transporting “packaged, unopened fireworks” which are placed in “the trunk or in the bed of a truck” through municipalities is legal, use of fireworks within most municipalities is illegal. Penalties for those caught violating the law include fines up to $1,000 and confiscation of fireworks.

For questions, comments or interview information, please email or call 210-667-1106.

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