For today, here are our five winners of the $25 off a $50 purchase coupon!  (Click here to learn about our online contest!)
Erik Garza
Javi Gutierrez
Betty Jeannie Garay
Lesa Snodgrass Cota
Brian Holbrook
Note, if you’ve messaged us so far, you still have a chance to win tomorrow and every day through the fourth.  We’re giving away 5 certificates every single day!
If your friends want to “like” us and send us a message with the name of the item with the ‘Charlie’ video, they can enter as well!  (Don’t post it online!)
Spread the word!  It’s not too late!
[[ATTN: El Paso fireworks fans.  Do you know we’re open in New Mexico, just across the border?  We got everything for sale there on Hwy 54!  And, don’t forget we’re open in Socorro, too!]]


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