Firework Finale

Fireworks by nature are fun, but are you looking for ways to spice up your fireworks show experience? There are ways you can break the mold and change things up a bit the next time you are shooting off fireworks with friends and family or watching a large professional show. Try these five creative ideas and tips to add a little fun to your next firework event.

  1. Plan a fireworks finale. While many people save their biggest fireworks for last, why not actually plan a grand finale for your next event? You may not be a professional choreographer, but you can plan the order in which your different fireworks are shot, making your finale more impressive for everyone watching.
  2. Try new types of fireworks. Are you always getting the same fireworks year after year, making your show quite predictable? Break the mold and try some new fireworks for your next event. Kids love the many novelty fireworks we have to offer! Plus, new fireworks are being added every year. Try one of the large assortment packs that we carry at Alamo Fireworks to get a nice variety in addition to your old favorites.
  3. Photograph the show. Want to capture the moment and get a great firework show photograph? Plan ahead to get a great shot of your next firework show. You will want a tri-pod for a stable point to take photos, a camera with adjustable shutter speeds and a great vantage point. It can take a little trial and error to get it right, but catching the best display in a photo can be exhilarating,
  4. Plan a firework vacation. Does your family love fireworks? Why not plan a trip around some of the firework shows that are available all over the country? In a week, you might be able to take in three or four professional shows at different venues. This is perfect for a road trip vacation or camping trip, heading off to the next destination after each show. Don’t forget to stop by Alamo Fireworks and pick up some of your own fireworks to shoot off between shows.
  5. Family firework fun ideas. On top of getting a nice variety of fireworks for your next show at home, here are few other ideas to add a little more fun to your event. Buy some party eyeglasses for the kids to wear that create bursts of color when they watch the firework display. You can also add a musical score to your fireworks, making it both a visual and audio event. And as always, adhere to safety rules to make sure that your event is fun for everyone.

Fireworks can spice up any event. When you need top quality fireworks for your next party, wedding or holiday, come see us at Alamo Fireworks. We have a fantastic variety of fireworks from small novelties to large aerial displays, all at affordable prices. Stop by one of our stores for a great selection.


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