Here’s the recent law changes for fireworks in Florida:

1) A law in 2007 regarding the creation of the Florida Fireworks Task Force the following:

“(5) Pending completion of the Legislature’s review of the task force’s report and to ensure that fire prevention and safety standards are uniform, a new permanent retail sales facility engaged in sales otherwise permitted under s. 791.07, Florida Statutes, may not be opened in this state after March 8, 2007, unless the permanent retail sales facility has received site-plan approval and construction has begun on or before March 8, 2007… However, if the Legislature enacts legislation to provide for the comprehensive regulation of fire prevention and safety standards for the use of consumer fireworks to replace this subsection on or before July 1, 2008, this subsection does not prohibit opening any such facility, permitting any such temporary facility, or adopting any such ordinance or other law after such legislation is enacted.”

Basically, this says that they are planning to enact legislation this session and every full-line store is on hold. There’s not much for new vendors to do in the state of Florida until something happens with this legislation on or before 7/1/08.

2) State fire guys are trying to take control of the supervision of fireworks (and close the agricultural loophole) in this 2008 session. However, they tried to do the same thing in 2007 and that bill died in committee. Both bills have same sponsor.

3) The Task Force itself ( recommends that a process be created to allow more aerials to be sold but a reduced set of items. This sale of aerials would be mines, missiles, s&s, roman candles, sky rockets, firecrackers and some cakes. Reloadables, chasers, copters will be prohbited. (Whacky!) They also propose a 3 year moratorium on new stores selling full-line.

While TNT was fine with the task force, Phantom dissents, especially on the items. ( I don’t see the legislation passing as recommended but it’s tough to see how things will go. It’s always easier to stop legislation than to pass new things.

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