women holding sparklers in front of American flag

While the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, the first Independence Day celebration didn’t happen until a year later. Since then, fireworks have become America’s favorite Independence Day party favor – a longstanding Fourth of July tradition for many family celebrations across the nation.

With more than 300 years of this deeply embedded tradition, today, America’s birthday party wouldn’t be the same without fireworks. And with Fourth of July rapidly approaching, it’s important to remember fireworks and firecrackers must always be handled responsibly and safely – especially around children.

Taking a few precautionary fireworks safety tips will ensure fun for the entire family, ensuring your Fourth of July celebration sizzles – not fizzles!

1. Never leave children unsupervised around fireworks, firecrackers and sparklers.

While fireworks look beautiful, they’re also very hot and could burn a young child. Make sure an adult is always around to light firecrackers and supervise the little ones.

2. Don’t hold fireworks or firecrackers in your hand.

Set a good example for the kiddos – always light fireworks on the ground. For sparklers, make sure to always keep a safe distance away from your face and the sparkler.

3. Never light more than one firework or firecracker at a time.

Avoid combining or lighting multiple fireworks – always follow the directions.

4. Never relight a dud.

If a firecracker fails to pop or do what it’s supposed to do, DO NOT attempt to relight. Wait 20 minutes and place in a bucket of water.

5. Keep a bucket of water or hose close by.

In case of an accident or other mishap, keep water close by. Before throwing used fireworks in the garbage, make sure to soak or douse them with water.

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