As 2015 winds down, it is time to get fired up for the end of the year and New Year celebrations. If you are planning a big event for the New Year, you will want to make a celebratory fireworks show a part of your plans. At Alamo Fireworks, we have all the latest in fantastic fireworks to make your show the best in the neighborhood. Here are our recommendations to add to your firework show this New Years.

Start Small

To get your party off to a great start, you want to have some small novelties and icebreakers to get everyone in the festive mood. The kids love snappers and firecrackers to wake up everyone at your party. You also want to make sure you have plenty of champagne party poppers and sparklers to celebrate at midnight when the New Year arrives.

Ground Level Greats

Before you start shooting fireworks up to the sky, get warmed up with some ground level entertainment. The kids will love it if you have a few funny Toy Tanks, Hen Laying Eggs or Whirlwinds. Then go a little bigger with festive fountains that will begin shooting colors a little higher. We suggest the Diablo, Noisy Boys or Happiness Fountains for the best ground shows.

Blast Off With Missiles and Rockets

After your ground show, start moving your fireworks toward the sky with the addition of missiles and rockets. While these screamers don’t have the beautiful blooms of the aerials, they are still quite a bit of fun and are a great way to get everyone ready for the big show. Consider adding our 300 Shot Crackling Saturn Missile, Screaming Crackling Rockets and the 40-Ball Maverick Multi-Candle to your festivities.

Fantastic Finales

Of course you always save the best for last and in fireworks, that is always the big aerial show. Those fantastic colorful bursts are the best part of putting on a firework show. At Alamo Fireworks, we have a large selection of aerial cakes that will light up the sky this New Year’s Eve.  Some of our most popular are our 500 gram aerial cakes, including Gigabright, Top EFX, Destroyer, Homeland Security and Fierce Fury. These finale favorites will make the big impression you want for your New Year celebration and bring in 2016 with a beautiful bang!

Big Bangs on a Budget

Are you looking for a great option to add fireworks to your New Year party for a great price? At Alamo, we have fireworks for everyone on any budget. We suggest getting one of our incredible assortment packs that will give you a great selection of our most popular items. Choose from our giant Deep Space Tray Assortment or one of our smaller packages such as the Ultimate Tray Assortment.

At Alamo Fireworks, we have the items you need to make your New Year fireworks show the best in town. Visit one of our locations or conveniently order online. Have a safe and happy New Year!

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