As you put together the menu and guest list for your big party celebrating the Fourth of July, don’t forget to add fireworks to your shopping list. It wouldn’t be an Independence Day celebration without a glorious display of fireworks to top off a day with friends and family. At Alamo Fireworks, we have a large selection of everything you need to make your Fourth sparkle. Make sure to add these five must-have fireworks to your shopping cart.

1. Fountain Assortments. Fountains are a great purchase for your party on the Fourth. Choose from large fountains like our Happiness Explosion fountain that illuminates with purple, blue, red, green and orange streams accompanied by the sound of whistles and crackles to wake everyone up after eating that big celebration meal.

2. Roman Candles. Roman candles have long been a favorite at any Fourth of July party, so don’t forget to add them to your list. The scream of the missile as it blazes through the sky, ending with a bang, is the classic firework you must haves at your festive gathering. Try our Maverick Multi-Candle that has an incredible 40 red and green flaming balls shooting out of this large candle. It will be a big hit with your friends and family.

3. GIGABRIGHT. Want a fantastic beginning to your firework show? Make a statement with our GIGABRIGHT aerial cake. This dynamic display is full of bright colors that will light up the sky, including red, blue, gold, silver and peach streams of colors. Your guests will love the big straight shot with a V and three side shots to fill up the night sky.

4. Novelty items. Although the big bang of the aerial cakes may be great for the final big display once the sun goes down, one of the greatest ways to enjoy fireworks throughout the entire day on the Fourth is with an assortment of novelty items. These are fun for the whole family and smaller children love to have a chance to participate. Snaps, poppers and sparklers are a hit with the kids…check out our Alamo Backpack with a great assortment of novelties for the younger generation.

5. Fierce Fury. For a final blast to end your family firework show, impress the neighbors with the long-lasting Fierce Fury aerial cake. This incredible cake gives a whopping 192 shots, with a fantastic array of colors and crackles, ending with a volley of giant shells booming up and over your party, filling the sky.

Make this year’s Fourth of July celebration the best one yet with a great variety of fireworks to amuse everyone at your celebration. Of course, Alamo Fireworks is your one stop shop when it comes to fireworks. From sparklers to spectacular aerial cake displays, we have all the must-have for your festivities. Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

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