heart shaped firework display

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day? Whether you plan on popping the question, or want to show your partner of twenty years that they are still your one and only, a firework show is a wonderful way to celebrate. Here are a few ideas of firework options that will work great for your Valentine’s Day firework gift to your significant other.

Plan a Late Night Picnic

Want to surprise your Valentine with an amazing firework show and romantic dinner? Instead of going to a crowded restaurant, plan a quiet picnic- quiet until the main event starts! Light up the night and your partner’s heart with a big aerial show. Try the Juicy 49-shot 500-gram aerial cake for a grand finale.

Firework Proposal

If you plan to propose, a fireworks show is a great way to make it memorable and take a selfie with your new finance with fireworks going off in the background. It will be a great engagement story and a night you will both look back on for many years to come. Every time you see a firework show together, it will remind you of the night you asked and she said yes! Make sure to do it up big so that diamond ring sparkles in the light – we suggest our popular new Gigabright to celebrate the occasion in a big, bright way.

Dinner and a Show

If you prefer to have your Valentine’s Day meal at an elegant restaurant, start your night with a fantastic meal but then go home for the show. Have your fireworks ready to go and serve up the champagne with a big sparkle in the sky and bubbles in your glass. Start off with the Happiness Explosion Fountain and then add in a variety of fireworks for a fun-filled evening. End the display with the 149-shot Delux aerial cake that will light up the sky.

Be Kids Again

Have you and your Valentine been together for many years? Let him or her know the spark is still there from your younger years. Instead of chocolates or flowers, give your lover a night of being young and carefree again. Go outside and play like when you were kids. Alamo’s Best Tray Assortment is a good choice for a wide variety of items to play within your youthful adventure with your Valentine. Don’t forget to pick up some extra heart shaped sparklers to make your Valentine smile.

This year, don’t settle for the same old boring Valentine’s Day gift. Show your significant other that you can still surprise them with an unexpected fireworks show. Make 2016 the year that you plan the best Valentine’s Day event ever by ending it with a giant firework display with your special someone. Alamo Fireworks has everything you need to make your night one that will go down as one of the best Valentine’s Days ever!

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