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Many industries have their own organizations that are devoted to advocacy, education and regulation. This includes the fireworks industry because issues such as regulation, education and safety are as important as they are in the food or construction industry. Thanks to these fireworks organizations, we are kept up to date with the issues that matter most.

Four Fireworks-Related Organizations

  1. American Pyrotechnics Association (APA)
    The oldest and most recognized fireworks organization, established in 1948. The mission states its commitment to the safety and regulatory compliance of all types of legal fireworks. If you’re a an APA member, you are eligible for emergency response and car rental discounts, as well as networking opportunities and training for OSHA compliance and more. Click here to find out more information about APA and full details of its membership benefits.
  2. Pyrotechnical Guild International (PGI)
    Started in 1969 by the founder of a monthly newsletter titled American Pryotechnist. PGIalso promotes safety and proper training to handle pyrotechnics. They host an annual PGI Convention, and even have a Junior Pyrotechnics Association for kids age six to 17. In the association, the kids learn how to plan and set up a fireworks display under the supervision of professionals and enthusiasts.
  3. American Fireworks Standards Lab
    This non-profit’s “primary purpose is quality and safety of fireworks used in the U.S. marketplace.” For each classification of fireworks, the AFSL tests and develops the safety and quality standards such as transportation, storage and use specifications. Twice a year, AFSL conducts factory training in China to advise manufacturers to make sure they follow the mandatory requirements and compliance.
  4. The National Council on Fireworks Safety
    This council is focused on promoting the education for safe use of consumer fireworks. The website has many resources for safety tips such as safety posters and videos. They also have resources for those who need to report illegal explosives such as M-80s, Cherry Bombs and Silver Salutes.

You might have noticed a trend in these organizations: safety and regulation. Even if you’re not a part of an organization, we recommend promoting the safe use of fireworks wherever you’re celebrating.

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