Firework safety is vitally important, especially when it comes to your at-home display. Luckily, new technology in fireworks is making them far safer than ever before. Here’s a quick look at how new advances are making it less scary to set off retail fireworks in your backyard.

Apps for Lighting Fireworks

In the old days, you’d have to manually light off all your retail fireworks, putting you in big danger if one had an untimely explosion. Now, there are plenty of ways to launch your fireworks remotely – including your smartphone.

Smartphone apps are one of the biggest advances in firework tech. One such app, called FireFly, works by using Bluetooth to connect to a controller box. Simply connect your fireworks to this box, then you can remotely trigger them with a few taps on your phone from up to 100 feet away.

Because FireFly lets you plan out your show in advance, you just have to press once, and all your fireworks will automatically launch at the correct time. You can even sync up music for a relaxing atmosphere or halt the show entirely if there is a problem.

Simulation Software

Planning out fireworks shows is always tricky, especially if you’re not entirely sure what each effect will look like. That’s where simulation software like ShowSim or Finale Fireworks comes in. Both of these programs give you complete control over your show from start to finish. While they are mostly designed for professional pyrotechnics, there’s nothing stopping the casual firework enthusiast from trying out the program.

You’ll be able to preview your effects and time your blasts perfectly synced up to music, all hooked up to voice-cue firing.

Pixel Burst Fireworks

Ever wonder how certain fireworks effects work, like cool shapes and designs? The leading force behind some of the best effects is pixel burst fireworks, a true revolution in firework tech.

These special fireworks are loaded with a microprocessor to control the speed they come out of the mortar. This determines the height at which they explode in the sky, meaning that with some careful planning, unique shapes and figures can be created. For example, pyrotechnics can launch off squares, hearts, and even smiley faces for a fun finale to any show.

Drones and Fireworks

Many advanced pyrotechnics are even starting to use drones in their fireworks displays. Drones play an integral role in many modern retail fireworks shows, as they allow people to capture the explosions on video from an aerial vantage point.

What’s more, new technology allows drone pilots to control hundreds of drones at once, creating beautiful shapes and patterns that mimic the look and feel of aerial fireworks.

As you can see, technology in fireworks has come a long way since the Chinese first launched off the first firecracker. Advances in firework safety and technology have made these celebratory rockets a truly coveted treasure.

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