Most dogs are not big fans of fireworks, so you will want to keep your dog safe during the many firework events throughout the year!

Fireworks are a part of many celebrations; they are no longer confined to the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve. These celebrations are a perfect time to gather friends and family to barbecue, enjoy a festive parade, and at the end of the day, sit around with the whole family and enjoy fireworks together. Now, you wouldn’t want to exclude anyone from these exciting festivities, even the family puppy. However, the firework shows may be events that your furry friend would rather not attend.

There are many successful strategies and exercises you can do with your dog to help them become more comfortable with the lights and sounds of fireworks. Here are some helpful tips on how to protect your scared dog from fireworks.

Comfort is key – Dogs are often afraid of loud fireworks – the burning smells, the bright lights – it gets all their senses on edge. Being prepared before the night’s sky is lit up in lights will help you keep your dog from running, barking, and whimpering with terror. Establishing things that give your dog a sense of safety and comfort can help the pup relax before the initial boom of the fireworks. Surrounding dogs with their favorite chew toys, keeping them in a dark room or kennel where they’re comfortable, or holding them in your arms are good ways to help them feel secure. You should always have your dog in a secure place or on the leash, because when dogs are afraid of fireworks, their first instinct is usually to run.

Pre-Training – A good trick that you can do with your dog even months before firework season rolls around is getting him comfortable with the sounds of fireworks. Playing recordings of various fireworks sounds and even pictures and videos can help the dog become comfortable with the aspect of the loud noise and bright lights. Starting off with quieter videos and working your dog up to louder sounds over a course of a few weeks before a big event may help. You can also try a ThunderShirt, which works to calm dogs with anxiety, and is especially useful during thunderstorms or the occasional firework show.

Puppy sitters – When your pup is extremely skittish and you’ve tried all of the usual precautions to help calm their fear of fireworks, you may need to leave them safely inside with a puppy sitter. Whether it is at your home or your dog is left with a professional away from the loud noise, you want to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable. If having someone come to your home is not an option, there are many doggy daycares you can take your canine to, with trained employees who will have the experience and training to make sure your dog feels as comfortable as possible.

At Alamo Fireworks, we want everyone in your family to be safe while enjoying fireworks throughout the year, including your family dog. Make sure to plan ahead to have a safe, dog-friendly place for your dog during the next firework event.



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