The Nye County (Nevada) Commissioners just passed a new ordinance unanimously for our Shooter’s Site in Nevada and 40 miles outside of Pahrump, NV. Southern California and Nevada fireworks fans now have a place to buy and shoot fireworks legally.

Our Shooter’s Site is now available year round for small groups (<10) while our store is open. Larger shoots require us to notify the fire dept but we can do them any time. We’ll welcome fireworks shoots for any larger groups, just call us to set it up.  The Site may only be used while we are open and you are under supervision of our staff on duty.

We do charge a $4 admission fee, portions of which get donated to the Amargosa volunteer fire department.

Thanks to everyone who wrote and called and emailed and faxed to get this done over the past 8 months.  Any questions, please call our Amargosa Valley, Nevada store.

We’ve also upgraded the site with signange and a permanent fence.

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