Effective January 2, 2008, many stick rocket fireworks became illegal in Texas. There, however, is some confusion about the law. For a fireworks stick rocket to be illegal in Texas, it must meet all three of the following requirements:

1. a propellant casing (i.e. the body of the rocket) length of less than five inches,
2. an exterior diameter of less than three-fourths of an inch,
3. an overall total rocket length (i.e. the stick and the rocket body in total) of less than 26 inches.

This is to say a rocket is legal if it does not meet any or one or two of these criteria. As an example, a rocket will be deemed legal if it is less than 26” long and has a propellant casing of less than 5” but has a 1″ diameter.

Find the full fireworks stick rocket law for Texas at:

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