You want to bring in 2016 with a bang, but why bring in the New Year with the same old fireworks. While you may have your favorites, why not try something new for the beginning of the upcoming year? At Alamo Fireworks, we are always finding new and exciting products to add to our selection for our customers. Here are some of our new editions that you should add to your shopping list for your first firework show of 2016.

  • Crazy Orange. Blast the sky with a fountain of orange with our new Crazy Orange cake! From the orange dahlias to the orange palms, this arsenal will juice up your New Year.
  • Poison Ivy. 500 grams and 36 shots give the Poison Ivy plenty of bang for your buck. Bright colors and a spectacular finale come with this potent newcomer.
  • Big Poppa. Make a loud entrance into the New Year with Big Poppa, a 500 gram, 33 shot cake that shoots balls of fire into the sky with plenty of noise to get the neighbor’s attention.
  • Anarchy Assortment. For a fun pack of the best of the best firecrackers, the Anarchy Assortment comes with a deafening supply of roman candles and the best Warlock shells.
  • Peace Frog. A long-lasting fountain of all the colors of the rainbow comes with the Peace Frog, emitting blue, green, yellow, peach and purple for a beautifully long time.
  • Noisy Boyz. Enjoy fantastic waves of bright colors in this popping fountain, ending with a popping finale to live it up to its name.
  • Amaze Me. You will be amazed with the new Amaze Me 200-gram cake that has nine shots in bright colors, with loud, beautiful chaser breaks and a glorious finish.
  • Dirty South. If you want to make some noise with pizazz, try the 96-shot Dirty South to fill the sky with sparkle and your ears with fizzle.
  • Heart Sparklers. The new wedding sparklers we carry come in heart shapes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show the love any time of year! Make your kiss under the mistletoe memorable with these love-inspired additions.
  • Gorilla Plane. A new take on the helicopter, the Gorilla Planes show you what an ape could do if it could fly! These winged novelties are fun for all ages.
  • The Sword. If you love the idea of posing as sci-fi or mid-evil warrior, you’ll love this sword-inspired roman candle. Point the sword to the sky and watch it unleash its fury!
  • Bolt of Blue. Does your favorite team wear blue? Support them with this blue fountain to bring in the New Year.

When you want the latest and greatest in festive fireworks for every occasion, we have what you need at Alamo Fireworks. From bringing in the New Year and wedding sparklers to everything you need for the Fourth of July, we are your firework superstore all year round.

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