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Make Your Own Black Snakes

March 17, 2018

If you live in an area where shooting off roman candles and Saturn missiles simply isn’t an option, then you’ll have to stick to smaller fireworks. One great option are black snakes, which are small tablets that explode into a long squiggle of ash when lit, resembling the coil of a slithering snake.

Our Favorite Fireworks Quotes about Love, Life, and Celebration

February 18, 2018

Fireworks have long been at the center of many of our celebrations and their colorful, bright beauty has been compared to love, success, and all the things that life offers. We’ve assembled some of the best quotes on fireworks, pulled from literary works, speeches, and quotations from well-known people. We hope you enjoy these fireworks sayings as much as we do.

Valentine’s Day and Fireworks: How to Become a Romance Legend

February 14, 2018

Every year it’s the same thing. Candy, flowers, dinner at a fancy restaurant, and a soppy card professing your love, that’s what February 14 is all about, right? Not so fast. Maybe it’s time to shake things up this Valentine’s Day and take a walk on the wild side.

How Sparklers Are Made

January 29, 2018

Did you know that sparklers are the only legal fireworks in San Antonio city limits? We thought you’d be interested to know how sparklers are made, so here’s the scoop.

Pros and Cons of Firework Assortment Packs

January 29, 2018

The variety of fireworks that you get is probably the biggest advantage when it comes to choosing an assortment pack. Also called “family” packs, there are both pros and cons when it comes to buying firework assortment packs.

Fireworks Safety

December 15, 2017

One of the reasons we all love fireworks is the shocking bang and booms these festive items make. They’re a great way to celebrate holidays and special occasions.

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