aturday, December 1, 2012
7:00pm in CST
Please save the date for our Fall Demo! Open to the public and FREE with a suggested $5 donation to the China Grove Fire Department! Provided our neighbors in China Grove are cool with it and it’s not too dry, we’ll be rocking the sky at our new HQ. We’ll shoot over 100 items!  7760 US Hwy 87 East, San Antonio, Tx 78263
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Our locations in Nevada and New Hampshire are open for sales now!  We’ll be opening in Texas for fireworks sales in just six days!  It looks like it will be a very exciting season, with most of Texas receiving good amounts of rain this spring.

For our El Paso friends, please note that we’ll be open in Socorro, TX as well as across the border from El Paso in Otero County, New Mexico.  We’ll be opening up there on or about the 27th of June!

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We have a bunch of new items coming in this Fall.  The artwork is being developed so we’re putting it up here for you to check out!

(We’re quite proud of them!)

Gigabright Fireworks:

The Destroyer Fireworks:


Many fire officials claim that a county can use a “Burn Ban” order to regulate fireworks since the counties are granted the ability to curb outdoor burning by the legislature.  On the contrary, a county cannot restrict the sale or use of fireworks unless they declare a state of disaster.  The legal principle is in general vs specific law.  So, for example, if they pass a law that says “You cannot start a fire” but elsewhere in the law the legislature says “Fireworks can only be prohibited in xyz manner.”  The more specific law trumps the general law.  That is the case here.
If a county attempts to apply a burn ban to fireworks, your first step is to write the county attorney and correct them.  Explain that the law is very specific about what the county can and can’t do.  It’s a logical conclusion to presume that a burn ban includes fireworks.  It does not.
In the case of fireworks regulation, only two means affect fireworks: 352.051 (stick rockets) and 418.108 (disaster declarations).  They are very specific about the county powers.  The authority to enact burn ban is generic.  So, other than those two powers, burn bans don’t affect fireworks.
You can always suggest that a county attorney contact the Texas AG’s office or that the local fire marshal call the Texas State Fire Marshall’s office.  If not, the final step is to enlist the services of a lawyer and file suit against the county that is violating the law.


Alamo Fireworks is proud to announce our Spring 2011 locations in the great state of Arizona.  We’ll be opening ten locations (in tents!) in the Phoenix area.  We hope our Arizona friends and fans will come out and see us!

For a listing of our locations, check out this link:
Locations will be open June 24th – July 4th.


We’ve received notice that a number of counties around the state have declared local states of disaster with regards to fireworks.  We’ll keep you posted on the developments as we learn of them around the state.

Where possible, we’ve met with local county authorities to try to work out other options than complete prohibition.  We have presented a proposal that involves a combination of a shortened selling season (4 days as opposed to 12) and a reduction of items being sold to ground novelties only such as sparklers, little tanks, and fountains.  These are the same items that are sold in high fire danger states such as New Mexico, Arizona and California without issue.  Not all fireworks are the same.

We’d like to thank those County Judges that spent the time to listen to our proposal.  Many did not.

Here’s what we know for certain areas so far:

Dallas Ft-Worth Area: no restrictions

Bexar County : will prohibit sale and use

Guadalupe / Seguin : will prohibit sale and use

El Paso : will prohibit stick rockets

Lubbock : will prohibit stick rockets

Amarillo: will prohibit sale and use

Edinburg / McAllen / Brownsville / Cameron / Hidalgo County: will prohibit stick rockets

We’ll update this list as further updates are available.  Pay attention to our website for information on open locations.  We’ll keep it updated as much as possible!


For those of you who will be buying fireworks in El Paso this season, make sure you visit our newest megastore located at 11300 Gateway Boulevard in Socorro, TX! You’ll know it’s us when you see our brand new, temporary sign that goes up during the season: