fireworks show over water

Hosting a large party successfully begins with the preparation. From planning the food to organizing the entertainment, you have a hundred details to take care of before the big day. If incorporating a firework show into your next party is part of the plan, you will want to make sure that everything is ready to go smoothly when the time comes. To make sure your party and firework display is a success, here are some tips to help you get ready for the event.

  • Decide when and where to begin your show. Is your firework show going to be the big finale of the night? Where will you set up for the best view for your guests? Knowing what time of day and what visual hurdles you will be dealing with will help you decide what types of fireworks to buy for your show.
  • Shopping for your fireworks. Before you can plan your firework show, you need to know what will be in your arsenal. Instead of planning your show, then buying what you need, it may be easier to buy what you want and plan the show around your purchases. Shop online or at one of our Alamo Firework locations to get everything you need well before the big day.
  • Coordinating your firework show. Once you have your products, you can make a plan for your firework show. It can be fun to plan your display to music, using the song to give you cues on when to ignite your different pieces. Whoever will be in charge of the show should be involved in helping plan the event so that everyone knows what is expected.
  • Preparing your firework display area. You will need a clear, flat area that is free of combustible materials for your firework display area. Pavement or cement is ideal, but you can also lay down a large plastic tarp or plywood to create a safe spot. Make sure you have all the tools you need, including a backup igniter, a large bucket of water for dousing fireworks and safety gear for your firework crew. Keep in mind to shoot fireworks away from the crowd and structures. Also ensure that party guests will be far enough away to be safe from errant airborne fireworks.
  • Enjoy your party. By getting everything ready for your firework show ahead of time, you can focus on the other details of the party. Eat, drink and be merry with your friends and family. Then when it comes time to entertain your guests with the magnificent firework display you prepared, you know everything is in place to make it a success.

Make your next party memorable by adding a colorful firework show. Come visit us at Alamo Fireworks to get all the supplies you need for your next big event. From party novelties to large aerial displays, we have everything you need to create a firework show that will leave your party guests amazed.

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