What makes pyrotechnics and fireworks so much fun is the wide variety you have to choose from, designed to fascinate and entertain the very young to the very old. But not everybody knows what to expect when they buy a fountain versus an aerial cake. If you are not familiar with the terms used to describe different types of fireworks, it can be difficult to decide which products are right for you. Here are some of the common types of fireworks we sell at Alamo Fireworks to give you a better idea of what varieties would be best for you.

Aerial Cakes
Some of our most popular items are our aerial cakes, also referred to as aerial repeaters. When you think of fireworks, you think of the beautiful displays in the air, which are exactly what aerial cakes provide. One fuse lights several tubes that blast up into the air, creating your own mini firework show. We carry both 200 and 500 gram varieties, with some cakes only containing several shots and others providing well over a hundred shots. These large aerial cakes are the perfect “finale” for your firework display.

A stunning ground effect can be obtained with various fountain-type fireworks. These are lit on the ground and shoot sparks into the air above the tube, usually bursting up to around ten feet. These can be used on their own or as an accompaniment to an aerial show.

Rockets and Missiles
As their names suggest, rockets and missiles fly up into the sky, usually from the end of a stick. There is a burst of sparks in the air with a crackle, hiss or bang. These vary in size and effects, from small bottle rockets to large sky rockets that carry a bigger payload. Missiles can be bought singly or as a multi-shot.

Novelties, Sparklers and Ground Items
Fireworks don’t have to have a big bang to bring delight, especially to kids. Novelty fireworks include the safer fireworks for kids like snappers and poppers. Sparklers are also always on the list of favorites, giving a tiny fountain of sparks from the end of a small stick. One of the most entertaining types of fireworks for kids are the ground items like spinners, tanks, and black snakes.

Assortment Packs
The best way to experience a wide variety of different fireworks at an affordable price is to get one or more of our large assortment packs. These give you a little of everything, from firecrackers and sparklers to aerial cakes and rockets. We have family packs that are especially designed for kids, and others that are great for the whole family.

Reloadable Fireworks
For those that are looking for a certain degree of autonomy when it comes to their fireworks display, consider including reloadable fireworks. With these, you can shoot off the shells at the timing of your choice as opposed to a cake where you light the fuse and the shells fire one after another.

These are just a few of the most popular types of fireworks that we carry at Alamo Fireworks. We also have smoke, winged and tube items for sale at our stores or available for online shopping. With our huge selection, you are bound to find the right firework or pyrotechnic for you!

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