blue firework display in the night sky

It’s that time of year again – where people gather together to celebrate our nation’s independence with barbecues, parties, and of course, fireworks. For hundreds of years, the fireworks tradition has defined the Fourth of July, lighting up the sky with vibrant shapes and colors, and providing the exciting, explosive soundtrack we associate with freedom.

With all of these beautiful sites, sounds and fanfare, however, it’s easy to forget that what goes up, must inevitably come down – including fireworks – leaving small breadcrumbs of paper, plastic and other debris scattered throughout yards, streets, storm drains, and even oceans and rivers, depending on where you live. And air born fireworks aren’t the only culprit – firecrackers, sparklers and other grounded novelties also leave a trail of unsightly trash behind.

This Independence Day, don’t leave the party behind – clean up after your celebration. While fireworks are fun, they also contain gunpowder and metallic compounds that can be harmful to humans, pets, and of course, the environment.

Below are a few cleanup tips to ensure a fun, safe, clean Fourth of July:

  1. After fireworks are used, let them cool for a bit before cleaning up. Use a broom to sweep the firework wrappers, packaging and other debris into a large pile, and don’t forget to check the street and surrounding yards to make sure you’re leaving nothing behind.
  2. At the end of your fireworks show, take a hose or a bucket of water and drench the pile to ensure all have been extinguished.
  3. Dispose your used (and now wet) fireworks in your trashcan – don’t leave the debris out to scatter or end up in a street drain as this could possibly cause water contamination. Before calling it a night, make sure you trashcan is outside and away from your house.

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