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Deep Space Tray Assort


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New and improved! We’ve packed even more fun into this assortment that will send things into Deep Space! Cakes, reloadables and fountains as well as items that younger kids will love – sparklers, snappers and poppers.


1pc Artifical Satellite, 3pc Glory Sparks, 1pc Army Tank With Report, 2pc Big Shot Firecracker, 1pkg Disco Flash, 2pks Snappers, 1box High Quality Artillery Shells, 1pc (L) Star Ball Contribution, 1pkg New Small Bees With Wings, 1pc Butterflies & Silver Flower, 1pc Shogun Festive Night, 1pc Killer Bee, 1pkg Cuckoo Cuckoo, 1pkg Color Crackling Balls, 1pc Mammoth Smoke, 1pc Finale Barrage, 1pc Hot Dog, 1pc Solar Striker, 1pc Sydney 2000, 1pc Freaky Friday, 1pc Blue Star With Report, 1pc Color Dancing Ball, 1pc Color Pearl Flowers, 1pc Color Dragon, 1pc Rhino Dancing, 1pc (L) Twitter Glitter, 1pc Garden In Spring, 1pc Desert At Night, 1pc Boom Boy Pistal Poppers, 1pc Hen Laying Eggs, 1pc Final Barrage.


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