We asked County Judge Nelson Wolff to revisit the all-out ban on fireworks this morning.   While conditions still aren’t “rainforest”, it’s clear there’ll be green grass for atleast a few weeks.  This is a nice shot of the puddle next to my home this morning.  Won’t be any wildfires there for a while. wink


Bexar County Judge Nelson W. Wolff

Paul Elizondo Tower
101 W. Nueva, 10th Floor
San Antonio, Texas 78204

Via Fax: 210-335-2926

Dear Judge Wolff:

In light of the recent heavy rain, I ask that you revisit the all-out fireworks ban currently in 
place in Bexar County.   Many portions of Bexar County received upwards of two inches of rain.  
This amount of rain will quickly turn the grass green throughout our county, limiting the 
potential for grassfires from fireworks or any other source.  This should be the key criteria 
when considering a disaster declaration.

I agreed with your decision to ban all fireworks this season but as conditions have changed, 
I hope you will reconsider allowing us, our partners, and families to be in business this holiday.

As always, I am available to meet with you or your staff to discuss options for fireworks 
restrictions that balance the need for public safety with citizen’s enjoyment of the holidays.


Alamo Fireworks, Inc.

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