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Did you know that there are two states that ban the use and sale of consumer fireworks in the U.S.? That’s right. In Delaware and Massachusetts, you cannot use or sell fireworks!

The sell and use of fireworks vary by state, and even by county. You can drive across a state border and have completely different fireworks laws to follow. Whether your consumer or a seller, knowing your limits (and laws) is important to avoid injuries and expensive fines. Today, we’re focusing on San Antonio city limits and Bexar County.

San Antonio and Bexar County Fireworks Laws:

  • There are two fireworks selling seasons. They are June 24th through July 4th and December 20th through January 1st.
  • Fireworks are banned within San Antonio city limits except for sparklers. You can be fined up to $2,000 if you’re found purchasing, using or selling within San Antonio city limits.
  • The minimum age to buy and sell fireworks is 16 years old.
  • Fireworks cannot explode or ignite within 600 feet of a church, hospital (other than a veterinary hospital), an asylum, a licensed childcare center, or public or private primary or secondary school of higher education unless you’ve received written authorization.
  • It is illegal to sell or ignite fireworks within 100 feet of a place where there are flammable liquids or gasses (i.e. gas stations or propane tanks).
  • It is illegal to ignite fireworks in or from your car.
  • You must be a licensed pyrotechnic operator to conduct a public fireworks display that “includes Fireworks 1.3G.”

You can find the full brief on prohibited use of fireworks in Bexar County here. If you find yourself in a different state, don’t forget to look it up!

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