We have three shooter’s sites where you can go and legally+safely shoot fireworks.


  • Open dusk to midnight on 3rd and 4th
  • Waivers and entry fee required (varies by location).
  • No “facilities” on site, but parking is available.  No alcohol, no food prep (I.e. grilling) no unaccompanied children.
  • It’s a secure and legal Space to shoot fireworks under supervision by firefighting staff.

In North Texas:

[SW DALLAS/FT WORTH] Venus, Hwy 67: https://www.www.alamofireworks.com/locations/venus-hwy-67-shoot-site/

[NORTH FT-WORTH] Sanger 35W: https://www.www.alamofireworks.com/locations/alamo-fireworks-of-sanger-35-w/

The above are open 8:30-midnight on 3rd and 4th. They are $15 per carload of people to park and shoot.

In San Antonio:

[NORTH SAN ANTONIO] I 10 West: https://www.www.alamofireworks.com/locations/alamo-fireworks-of-san-antonio-i.h.-10-w-1-megastore/

Fee is $5 on 3rd and before, $7 on 4th per person.

In El Paso:

El Paso Dyer / NM State Line: https://www.www.alamofireworks.com/locations/alamo-fireworks-of-new-mexico-el-paso-dyer-megastore-shooter-site/

Fee is $5 on 3rd and before, $7 on 4th

In Nevada:

Amargosa Valley, NV: https://www.www.alamofireworks.com/locations/nevada-fireworks-locations/ 

Open year-round.

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