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Planning your wedding is an incredible experience. This is the day you have always dreamed of, finally coming true with the love of your life. You want everything to be perfect, from the flowers to the cake. So when it comes time to think about the entertainment, you want something that will make the day even more special.  For many couples, a firework display is the perfect end to a perfect day. The question is, should you have fireworks at your wedding?

Fireworks can be a fantastic way to punctuate the evening of your wedding. You could have a display ignited when you begin your first dance as a married couple, or use it as a finale to the night when you leave for your honeymoon. However, not every couple or wedding is ideal for a firework show. Here are some things to consider:

  • Is the venue right? Depending on where you are having your wedding or reception, fireworks could be a great addition, or almost impossible. An outdoor wedding or a reception area with an outside view are needed for guests to enjoy the show. Keep in mind you may need permits or permission to use fireworks at some venues.
  • Timing. One of the most important parts of adding a firework show to your wedding plans is timing. You will want it to be dark enough to enjoy the colors, so often the firework is the finale at weddings. However, if you have a late wedding, you may be able to use fireworks earlier in the ceremony or reception.
  • Firework crew. You will need to have a crew to manage your firework display. You can hire professionals but many people save money by organizing their own firework show for their wedding. However, you will need someone you can trust to manage the firework show for your big day.
  • Pictures. Make sure you have a plan to capture your firework display. You will want to make sure your photographer is aware of the firework show so he can have the right equipment to catch it on video and in still-pictures. A great wedding photo of you and your new spouse with fireworks bursting in the background is a fantastic memory; however, you will need the right spot with the right camera to get the shot.

If you decide that fireworks are definitely in the plan for your wedding, don’t forget to add some novelties for the day. Beyond the large display, make sure to purchase plenty of novelty gifts for your guests so they can get in on the fun. Champagne poppers and heart-shaped sparklers are a wonderful way make your reception festive throughout the night.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! If you decide that you want to add a firework show to celebrate your big day, we have everything you need at Alamo Fireworks. Shop our online store or visit one of our convenient locations to get all your supplies for your wedding firework show.

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