You had a great event with plenty of fantastic Alamo fireworks to make it even more memorable. Whether it was a big Fourth of July party or a wedding, the addition of a firework finale made the night even more special. But now you have a cache of leftover fireworks and you’re not sure what to do with the extras. The good news is you don’t have to let those fireworks go to waste. With safe and proper storage they can be ready to use for your next big event. Here are three firework storage tips.

1.) Protecting the fireworks 

To ensure your fireworks retain their properties, you need to keep them dry, yet away from any possible igniting materials. The best way to do this is to put all fireworks in a sealed, solid container, by themselves. You don’t want any cardboard or paper materials surrounding the fireworks that could possibly ignite. A plastic or metal container with a secure lid is ideal for firework storage – never use a cardboard box! This will keep moisture out to maintain the integrity of the explosives, but also keep them from accidental exposure to a spark or flame and keeps them out of eyesight of curious children. Never leave fireworks stored out in the open- they are more likely to be damaged and can be a safety risk.

2.) Store in a secure room

You don’t want your fireworks to be accessible to kids and you also want to keep them away from ignitable materials. Once your fireworks are safely stored in a sealed container, find a secure area to keep them. They should not be stored in your home, or in a place where people live and sleep. You also don’t want them near sources of ignition such as gas or oil, or near a fireplace or stove. The container should be stored in a room that is not accessible to children as well. A locked storage shed is a great choice.

3.) Fire safety 

As an extra precaution, never store fireworks near an exit and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. If a fire were to start in the building, you do not want the box of stored fireworks to be between those inside and the exit to escape. It could make it dangerous for those trying to get outside and even harm them while they make their escape. Make sure the fire extinguisher is kept maintained and up-to-date in the storage area in case of a fire emergency.

With a few precautions, fireworks can be stored safely and securely so that you can use them for your next big event. Maybe it will be a big New Year’s Eve party or a big birthday bash at your home. Whatever the occasion, your properly stored fireworks should be ready to go if you take these storage steps. If you need more fireworks, make sure to visit a nearby Alamo Fireworks location or order online before your next big event.


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