It is now legal To Transport “Packaged, Unopened Fireworks” Through Most Large Cities.

Alamo Fireworks is excited to announce that it is legal to transport “packaged, unopened fireworks” through San Antonio and other home-rule municipalities.  Representatives Eddie Lucio III and Juan Hinojosa have sponsored, introduced and passed HB 1813 with overwhelming support in both the state house and senate, and the bill was signed into law on June 14th, 2013.

The law requires that purchased fireworks remain packaged, unopened and placed in storage sections of cars or trucks, away from passenger seats.   Individuals can legally transport fireworks in a locked glove compartment, in the trunk, or in the bed of a truck.

Given the recent rain, Alamo Fireworks is anticipating a busy season.  Every season new products line the shelves, including this year’s Mega Tex, an artillery shell kit with over 100 shells.  Coupons and specials are available in the July 3rd edition of the newspaper, and are always available in stores and online at ;

This new law only applies to the transport of fireworks.  Use or storage of fireworks in the city is illegal, as is opening packaged fireworks before heading into the city.  Penalties for breaking the law include fines up to $1,000 and fireworks confiscation.  Please use fireworks lawfully and safely.  Always have a responsible adult present, and a source of water nearby.  Do not shoot fireworks at people and always read all warning labels and instructions before handling fireworks.

For questions, comments or interview information, please email or call 210-667-1106.

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